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Self Re-Erecting Marker Posts


K71 Self Re-Erecting Marker Posts are built to resist impacts over 65 m.p.h. continuously without damaging the post or vehicle. Designed for superior traffic control, the K71 Marker Post "gives" under impact and re-erects into its vertical position without the use of springs or pivoting devices.

The K71 Marker Post takes just seconds for removal and reinstallation, protects work site personnel and provides long-term safety for all road users.

For complete details about the Flexible Marker Post please download the 8-page booklet.



  The K71 flexible marker post is a single piece design traffic calming device that is manufactured with a unique blend of polyethylene and UV inhibitors. The combination of these materials offers exceptional softness characteristics and remarkable re-erecting memory.

Strong and durable with no springs or pivoting devices
Takes just seconds for removal and reinstallation.
Bright vibrant colors bring extra clarity to all types of safety installations.
Designed for 65 M.P.H. impacts
Can be utilized in a wide range of safety enhancement applications
Temporary or permanent.
  Post Colors:                   Custom Colors Quanity 30+:  
  HIP Reflective 4” Wide Stripes:  

Unique T-Bar Anchoring System


T-Bar anchoring system eliminates the need for heavyweight
bases and devices. T-Bar provides for controlled installations
and removals, thereby eliminating theft and falling devices.


Download 8-page Flexible Marker Post Booklet


Flexible_Marker_Posts.pdf (2.3 mb)

FMP_OrderForm.pdf (200 kb)


Marker Post characteristics

Portable Lane Delineator. 3S-K75 Hand Carry Posts  
3S-K75 Features

Easy to deploy & easy to store
8” dia. X 35.5”H Bottom Base 10”W
Strong integrated handle
Easy to carry
2-4” reflective collars
LED strobe lights multi colors available
2” heavy duty plastic chain
is available
Bases can be filled with water or sand 5 to 18 lbs
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